At Delta Tau Delta, one aspect of the college career outshines the rest: academics. We understand that the primary reason for attending the University of Florida is to get a great education and Delta Tau Delta stimulates learning and success in the classroom.

          In order to receive a bid to Delta Tau Delta, a rushee must be a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours) and have a GPA of at least 2.5. Since we strive to pledge only the best of the best on University of Florida’s campus, we rarely have problems with our future brothers’ meeting these standards. Once initiated, all active brothers must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

          Nothing is mandatory at the expense of academics. While we strongly encourage attendance at most events, Delts take pride in being an academic leader and will never ask a brother or pledge to sacrifice his studies for the fraternity.

Our chapter offers many resources to help you succeed academically

Director of Academic Affairs

Each year the chapter elects a Directory of Academic Affairs (DAA). The brother with this position works with each member to ensure that they are succeded academically. The DAA also organizes programs including resumé critiques and note taking courses. Every week the DAA also organizes study hours for the brothers twice a week on campus.

Delt Library

There is a library in the house with a repository for tests, notes, and textbooks. With each academic year, this resource grows as brothers are encouraged to donate their old classroom materials.

Alumni Resources

The DAA maintains a Theta Epsilon Alumni list, which provides undergraduate brothers with contact information of brothers who have graduated. This comes in handy as many graduates still live and work in the area and are helpful in getting internships for undergrads as well as writing reference letters.


Delta Tau Delta provides several educational scholarships at both the national and at the chapter level for undergraduate members.

Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation

Established in 1981, the Educational Foundation provides Delts chapters nationwide with grants for educational programming. The most recent “Building on Excellence” campaign raised over $9.5 million for educational programming. Overall value of the Foundation is estimated at $14 million.

StudyEdge Discount

Every year IFC partners with StudyEdge to provide all new members with a greek discount!

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