Social Events

          Delta Tau Delta enjoys numerous socials with the fine women the University of Florida has to offer. We also have a number of parties and grab-a-date functions throughout the year. These events include woodsers, camp-outs, trips to Ginnie Springs or Lake Wauburg and themed parties, such as our annual crush party.

Road Trips 

          In the fall semester, Delta Tau Delta organizes several roadtrips to away games. Brothers and their guests leave Gainesville to tailgate and enjoy Gator football games in other cities and states. The annual Florida/Georgia game in Jacksonville is particularly popular. This past fall, the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta traveled to LSU for the game. 

          In the spring, roadtrips and spring break vacations are another way to spend a long weekend or break from class. Furthermore, for the past two years we’ve enjoyed our luxurious formal at Remy’s Bar in Hilton Head, South Carolina